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        There is a recording of the Bones of Faith at the following web 
page that was recorded at the ETW in March 2003. Slidework in Ab is one of 
the cuts.


        I'm afraid the quality leaves a little to be desired because it 
was recorded from the audience, but hopefully you can hear what you need 
to and appreciate the solos of Doug Elliott, Brian Priebe, Ken Ebo, Dan 
Drew, Bernie Robier, and several other fine players.

John McVey 

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I've got to work up Urbie Green's Slide Work in Ab for a rehearsal 
Wednesday night.  (I just found out yesterday.)  I have the sheet music 
but I haven't been able to locate a recording on the web. 

Can anyone out there direct me to a site where I can download a band 
playing it.  I need to hear it, of course. 

I see that the Falconaires recorded it, but I can't find a place to 
download the tune on the web and I need it tout suite.

Any help much appreciated.


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