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Simon, here's a link to an Online Trombone Journal article that came out after Larry's passing.  



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> Also, is there a Larry Minick tribute anywhere? I don't recall seeing a
> remotely comprehensive website and certainly haven't heard of a book. As a
> younger-generation trombonist from across the world, I missed seeing it all
> first (and even 2nd) hand. I share many list-members' passion for mods and
> would love to see a good collection of Larry's contributions.
> Simon Greatwood
> Melbourne, Australia
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> While foraging through my mouthpiece drawer this afternoon, I came across a
> Larry Minick 11 which I bought from Larry back in the early 80's. I
> originally used it briefly on a King 3B but eventually reverted back to the
> small shank version of a 5G which, at the time I'd been playing on with my
> .547. I seem to remember that the Minick 11 was a fairly popular lead
> mouthpiece amongst the L.A. studio players of the time. Today, I put it back
> into service on my alto and so far so sweet!  Made me think about Larry,
> though, and what a brilliant and unique craftsman he was. Anyone on the list
> still playing his equipment?  Anyone able to confirm or refute the
> popularity of his #11 mouthpiece amongst L.A. players of that time?
> Mark McGrain
> New Orleans
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