[Trombone-l] Different gig, different mouthpiece?

Jeremy Yager jayager at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 10:21:59 CDT 2011

Hey listers!

I have been happily playing on my Getzen 1062 (dual-bore, dual-rotor
bass) with a Ferguson LS mouthpiece. I take this rather big setup to
two trombone choirs and a civic orchestra, and I'm comfortable with
the sound that this setup brings to the bottom of these ensembles.
However, I was playing in a trombone trio the other day and pulled out
the 1.5G that I have in my case. As you might expect, the smaller
mouthpiece gave me a more compact sound that blended significantly
better with the smaller group. I do not consider this news. :)

This does beg the question though, do people switch out mouthpieces
for different types of gigs? If so, what's out there? The 1.5G is
really small next to the LS--is there a larger rim (but shallower?)
mouthpiece that people use for small-ensemble work?


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