[Trombone-l] "high resistance playing", retinal tears and semi-detached retinas

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OK guys, I guess my attempt at dry subtle humor failed.

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 My background is in respiratory physiology and I am an aspiring amateur

trombonist.  Since playing loud and low requires huge volumes of air, I 
wonder if your fuzzy vision could be caused by hyperventilation.  When
expire more carbon dioxide than we produce metabolically, the pH of the 
cerebro-spinal fluid rises, (becomes more alcaline) and this can cause 
dizziness as well as  distorted vision.    The classical remedy is to
use a 
paper bag to rebreathe your expired air and retain the CO2.  While you 
cannot do that while playing trombone try slowing your breathing rate.
My $0.02.  LOU
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semi-detached retinas

>> I get fuzzy vision when I play LOUD and LOW!
> I believe that the reason that TV looks wavy when playing low notes is

> that your whole head is vibrating to the frequency being played. So if

> your vision gets fuzzy when playing low notes loud, it could be for
> same reason and not much to worry about, in terms of long-term
> DanP
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