[Trombone-l] The big dark bass trombone sound

Daniel Alessi daniel.alessi at directbox.com
Mon Sep 8 13:35:18 CDT 2008

Hi trombonists


I know, this question has already been asked 100 times. but where are the
good answers :-)


Since some years I play bass trombone in a championship brass band (I think
you call them so.). I have always been happy with my sound and also was the


Since two or three weeks the director asks me to get a "darker" "more like a
tuba" sound. Well. If he wants that sound he will get that sound, but how
can I make my sound darker? I play plenty of long tones, listening to
myself, but the sound doesn't really get darker, what to do? How practice?


My equipment: (if it's an equipment question) Schilke 59, Edwards Leadpipe
(don't remember the number), Slide Edwards BDBN, Hagmann progressive bore
valve section (by mr. Hagmann) and a 9.5 Bach 50b bell (gold brass I think).


I don't want to change very much in my equipment but. maybe a leadpipe or
the mouthpiece?


Oh and soon I'm getting those mp's for trial: Jeff Reynolds, Faxx 11/2g,
Schilke Symphony 6.0, Yeo signature, Gold plated George Roberts SE. Maybe
one of those may help me?


Thanks for your help!

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