[Trombone-l] Dvorak Symphony No. 9 (NWS)

Ray Horton rayhorton at insightbb.com
Fri Nov 21 19:20:41 CST 2008

My assumption has always been that Dvorak wrote the symphony with no 
tuba, but that the small bore valved bass trombone in Bb he wrote for 
didn't have the sonority for the chorale passages, so he added the tuba 
double.  Don't have any evidence, though. 


Tom Izzo wrote:
> Richard,
> Yes, the Tuba ONLY plays the opening & closing chords of the second mov't. It is in unison with the Bass Trb & the 2nd Bassoon. Dvorak ovbiously wanted the Tuba's timbre in those chords, but I feel sorry for the poor guy who only gets to play those 14 bars on the whole concert.
> That's ALL the Tuba plays in the complete "New World Symphony".
> Tom
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>> I'm performing this piece with a local orchestra.  The
>> publisher has the 
>> bass trombone and tuba on the same part.  If I'm
>> reading the part 
>> correctly, then the tuba only plays on the second movement,
>> and the rest 
>> is bass trombone, but it's a little ambiguous.  Not
>> that I have any 
>> problem with the tuba playing in unison, but it just sounds
>> weird from 
>> what I am used to hearing.  What do you guys think? 
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