[Trombone-l] For all trombonists everywhere

emrose79@sonic.net emrose79 at sonic.net
Sat May 31 13:29:24 CDT 2008

Geez Wayne... I had trouble getting past rule #1..

I realize that this is tongue-in-cheek, but some make sense.

#5: I've always felt that if everyone incorrectly plays a note short, 
then you are wrong to insist on playing it long (by yourself)

#8: If everyone but you skipped two measures,  then maybe you should 
catch up (which probably comes under the heading of "listen")

#13: My pet peeve...  why do players (even pro or quasi-pro) insist on 
playing 1 or 2 measures after the conductor stops? and then start to 
practice a phrase while the conductor is talking to the group?


Wayne Dyess wrote:
> 1. Everyone should play the same piece.

> 5. The right note, at the wrong time, is a wrong note.
> (And vice-versa.)

> 8. If everyone gets lost except you, follow the ones
> who are lost.

> 13. When everyone else stops playing, you should stop
> also. Do not play any notes you may have left over.

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