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Sat May 31 08:10:54 CDT 2008

&nbsp is code for "non-breaking space" - a space between words
which shouldn't break across a line.  It's used by html and some other
word processing applications.  They are appearing in Dick Sleeman's
emails because somewhere along the way a piece of software doesn't
interpret them properly.  That's not surprising - use of &nbsp is not
completely standardized in practice.

If you type your emails in "plain text" instead of "html" they should
go away.  If you don't know how to do that, any teenager can probably



>> From: George Butler
>> Dear Dick,
>> I have no idea what these extra bits of code that appeared in my message
>> are, or how they got there.   

AD> It looks like html code, but I may be wrong.

AD> A.

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