[Trombone-l] Asimo conducts Detroit

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Actually, with the Vivace technology there is no reason this couldn't be 
done.  The robotic accompanist follows the soloist quite well.  Adding 
monitoring subroutines that react to what's happening in the orchestra 
shouldn't be overwhelming.

Of course, whether the robot conductor (I've played for too many of 
those already!) could execute the code in real time is a different 
matter entirely.

Mandatory Trombone Content:  Monitoring routine #1 --> Always hold the 
palm of the left hand at the trombone section.


Chris Tune wrote:
> Right you are.  The only way to consider that a robot would be "conducting"
> an orchestra, would be to experiment by having sets of interesting actions
> done by the orchestra which would ideally elicit intelligent reactions by
> the conductor (e.g. certain sections playing too loud, or somebody speeding
> up, or similar. .maybe some sort of articulation mistake such as too short
> on staccato) and then seeing if the robot reacts properly.
> Otherwise, this is simply a set of serial programming actions being "run" by
> a very lifelike machine. Not too different than the way factory systems run
> now (mostly repeated actions with a few "error" conditions thrown in to
> allow for certain understood goofs). 
> Chris
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> Asimo is a nice bit of engineering, to be certain. But to say that 
> Asimo conducts an orchestra is a bit reductive of the sort of 
> communication normally established between conductor and ensemble. 
> Rather, the video essentially shows an ensemble that is playing to a 
> metronome, albeit a metronome that simulates a beat pattern. It's not 
> unlike how the robot simulates human locomotion when it would be easier 
> to put the thing on wheels.
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