[Trombone-l] Motivational advice for a growing trombone player

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Thu May 22 15:41:49 CDT 2008

At 12:29 PM 5/22/2008, Cesar Gonzales wrote:
>Considering this is a forum of discussion for both amateur and professional
>players; I decided that it would be appropriate to ask an amateur question.
>I'm having trouble with maintaining a consistent drive towards self
>improvement through daily practice, especially after a big push in my
>practice schedule. Say for instance I manage 3 weeks of consistent 3-4 hours
>daily practice. I always seem to break down and pull back to 1 or 2 hours
>per day afterwords for a week or two at times. What I'm asking is if this is
>normal for a young musician to experience. I'm ambitious and would like to
>consider graduate studies in music, and possibly even a career of
>professional performance. Because of this I find managing this "problem" a
>very important issue. What I'd also like to ask is how the members of this
>mailing list manage to stay motivated to keep a consistent practice
>schedule. Are there any mind tricks I can use? Is it just pure willpower?

         I read the other two responses (so far), and while I can see 
their points, I'm not sure this is a completely music- or 
trombone-related situation.  I think it encompasses your life, rather 
than strictly the trombone.  I might see it as partly discipline, but 
more than that is to think ahead to the future, toward your goals, 
and make some rational decisions based on what you see there.  In the 
end, you'll do what is most important to you, whether that's 
practicing trombone, learning composition, or eating chocolate cake.

         Brownsville, huh?  Gee, I don't know who's down that far, 
but just as Wayne said, good instructors can certainly motivate you 
and help to clarify your goals.


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