[Trombone-l] Leaky Rotary Valve

Thu May 22 01:12:18 CDT 2008

Hi, Fellow Listers;

Several months ago, when I was still in Florida,  I solicited your
advice concerning what I suspected was a leaky rotary valve on an old
Conn 72H which I had stored in Penna.

The horn had, over a period of time, started  losing range, quality of
sound and projection.

Since arriving in Penna. a few weeks ago, I took the horn to a reputable
repair shop, Kasprowicz Music Center, in nearby Wernersville.

They first applied their suction device, and reported that it looked
like a small fountain emanating from the bearings. 

They greased the bearings, oiled the rotor, and restrung it, besides
doing a few other small maintenance things. They tested the suction and
told me it was holding well. Charged me $65.00.

I'm happy to report it made a dramatic difference. 

They advised me to use only a few drops of oil on the rotor, as too much
might dissolve the bearing grease. They speculated that the grease might
last up to a year.

I went this route because the cost of completely rebuilding the valve
would be something like $300, and I wasn't sure if it was worth chasing
that kind of money after an older horn.

At any rate, after all the much appreciated advice I received from
several of you, I promised to report once I got up to Penna.

I suppose my next project is learning how to disassemble the rotor in
order to grease the bearings and then put it back together.

Thanks Again,

Mike Terry

"God looks down with favor upon those who create beauty"

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