[Trombone-l] Comcast members

Danner, Mearl jmdanner at samford.edu
Mon May 12 09:09:56 CDT 2008

Due to a computer on campus infected with a spambot (sent out 14,000
emails in 10 minutes) Samford University's email servers were
blacklisted by comcast on or about May 10. Your trombone-l accounts were
automatically disabled because the posts sent to your addresses were

Our email administrator contacted comcast this morning and we have been
removed from the blacklist. 

I have reenabled all accounts that were effected. Our apologies for the

You can catch up on posts by visiting the archives at

Special thanks to list member Bill Dinwiddie for his help in diagnosing
the problem.

Mearl Danner
List Owner

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