[Trombone-l] Maynard's estate

Chris Tune christune at christune.com
Sat May 10 13:18:36 CDT 2008

It will be very interesting to see the amount of interest this estate sale
generates.  We are in an economic downturn, but I bet the passion that
Maynard fans have and the sheer international fame and celebrity of this
great brass player might just cause the estate to get a lot of buying

I would have thought MF had more horns than this.  I remember he used to
have Conn valve bones back in the sixties. 

Very interesting that he was primary band manager too (his extensive day
planners seem to imply that he did most of the management job).

Maybe a good day to play "Maynard '63" again.  Here's to you Maynard!  And.
. .that man sitting in your chair. . .up in heaven. . .that's God.  I'm sure
he'll let you switch off. . .

Chris Tune

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