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> There is a publication of the Harry Potter music for trio, arranged by 
> Victor Lopez published by Warner Brothers. I have the Trombone version
> (0651B), Which has some optional low 8va for tuba, but it exists also for 
> trumpet (0649B) and Horn (0650B). I am sure it can be easily adapted for 
> quontet.
> If  the Horn and Trumpet version are in the same key, all you need is add 
> few notes for 2nd trumpet...
> Hope that helps
> Eliezer Aharoni
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>> My brass quintet has a wedding gig, where the bride has requested "the 
>> theme music to Harry Potter, and something by Billy Joel".
>> Anyone know of any published arrangements fitting these descriptions? 
>> Our resident arranger can handle it, but it would be much easier to buy 
>> them...
>> J.c.S.
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