[Trombone-l] Weird Quintet Requests

Daryl Burch daryl at burchinteractive.com
Thu May 8 13:09:06 CDT 2008

I gotta wicked French Horn 4-tet arrangement of Billy Idol's "Eyes  
Without A Face"!!

The only reason it happened was on a dare from my bass trbn roommate  
after about 1/2 a bottle of Dr. Daniel's Fortitude Enhancer!

For the Billy Joel, do they want "Pressure" or "You May Be Right"?

...but I digress. Good luck finding those.


On May 8, 2008, at 10:52 AM, <thetubameister at adelphia.net>  
<thetubameister at adelphia.net> wrote:

My brass quintet has a wedding gig, where the bride has requested  
"the theme music to Harry Potter, and something by Billy Joel".

Anyone know of any published arrangements fitting these  
descriptions?  Our resident arranger can handle it, but it would be  
much easier to buy them...

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