[Trombone-l] Barrington trombones?

Bart Roberts bartmroberts at gmail.com
Mon May 5 15:21:20 CDT 2008

They are pretty junky. I teach in South Bend, Indiana 10 minutes away  
from WW&BW and
several of my kids have them and in 1 year have fallen apart.

Take a look at used Yamaha or Conn student horns
On May 5, 2008, at 10:22 AM, Eric & Candice Swanson wrote:

> Joshua Hauser wrote:
>> Anybody know anything about these horns?  I have a couple of  
>> students who
>> need inexpensive horns for marching band and one of them sent me  
>> this link.
>> http://www.wwbw.com/Barrington-BRG102-Student-Trombone-i125961.music
> Joshua,
> At that price, they have to be coming out of China.  Some of the  
> Chinese
> horns are actually getting to be pretty good, especially the Eastman,
> and Eastman by Shires trombones.  But at $159 I wouldn't expect too
> much.  Maybe good enough for marching band if you can stand the slide.
> A better option might be to get a used Getzen 351 (one made in the  
> last
> 10 years or so, not one of the old Getzens) or a Yamaha 354.  I can
> usually find them for $100 or so.  Take them in and have the slide
> worked on for $50 or so, and you have a really good small horn that  
> will
> last for years.
> Eric Swanson
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