[Trombone-l] Barrington trombones?

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Recently I tried out a Lark Baritone horn and found that it was at 
least equal to some of the current ones on the market that are from USA.

beldon wade

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Joshua Hauser wrote:

>Anybody know anything about these horns?  I have a couple of students 
>need inexpensive horns for marching band and one of them sent me this 


At that price, they have to be coming out of China.  Some of the 
horns are actually getting to be pretty good, especially the Eastman,
and Eastman by Shires trombones.  But at $159 I wouldn't expect too
much.  Maybe good enough for marching band if you can stand the slide.
A better option might be to get a used Getzen 351 (one made in the last
10 years or so, not one of the old Getzens) or a Yamaha 354.  I can
usually find them for $100 or so.  Take them in and have the slide
worked on for $50 or so, and you have a really good small horn that 
last for years.

Eric Swanson
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