[Trombone-l] Harmon Mute - now mutes

Raymond Horton rayhorton at insightbb.com
Wed Sep 12 23:41:45 CDT 2007

Jim and others,

Yeah, I've seen the TrumCor cup endorsed here before.  Right now, the 
two tenors in my section are using the metal JoRals, which I really 
don't like the sound of (especially the bass - it is _so_ metallic 
sounding). How do you think the TrumCor would blend with those?  (Half 
the time I just use my metal straight when they use the JoRal cups!)

Ray H.

JFBermann at aol.com wrote:
> Hi Ray,
> I recently got a new cup mute and put it in my bag for a weekend
> in the recording studio. The trombone section was using the
> Humes and Berg cups and the trigger and pedal register wasn't
> speaking quickly enough, so I grabbed the new cup, started using
> it and everyone's head turned with the comment WOW!. And wow
> was right, the mute is the TrumCor bass trombone classical cup
> mute made by Rick Giangiulio in Dallas. This is without a doubt
> the best cup mute I've ever used. The cup is adjustable and does
> come off to make a straight mute. Trigger, pedals, everything came
> out with ease and a great sound. $90 but worth every penny.
> Jim
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