[Trombone-l] York and Sons valve trombone

Andy Messerli messera at bgnet.bgsu.edu
Sat Jul 28 11:31:35 CDT 2007

Hi all, 
I was at an auction today and picked up a JW York and Sons valve
trombone.  Its been tucked in a basement for years (this guy was
a band director for 25 years, but hadn't been playing or teaching
since the mid-70's), and amazingly, every slide came out by hand
pretty easily.  Valves were in pretty great shape as well.  It
even had a much larger, second tuning slide.  The serial number
is 30209.  I know that its post 1898 (from the name on the bell)
and pre 1913 (based on similar horns I've found online), but
would like to try and get a closer date if poosible.  Anyone have
any further info or where to look?  

Off to give it a bath and see how it plays...

Thanks in advance for any infomation you might have!


Andy Messerli
Graduate Student(Music Ed)
Assistant in Band Activities
Bowling Green State University

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