[Trombone-l] Don't like Collective Contract?....Fire them All!!

kroberts@uc.cl kroberts at uc.cl
Sat Sep 30 10:11:35 CDT 2006

Hello Fellow Trombonists!
Once again I write to tell of the irrational behavior of the administration in
the Teatro Municipal of Santiago, Chile.
Yesterday, the last remaining members of the musicians union in the Orquesta
Filarmonica were all fired!  This year the ENTIRE UNION of Musicians, having a
COLLECTIVE CONTRACT, 49 of the best musicians in the orchestra, have ALL BEEN
The administration had decided that they didn't like the contract, nor the
orchestral rule book, so what do they do...sit and talk it through?  Offer
something in exchange for changes?  Make known the reasons why, with
transparent behavior?...NO!!! THEY FIRE EVERYBODY.

This behavior shows that you can try and lift a country out of the 3rd world,
with economic measures etc, but you cannot easily elevate (or actualize)the
mindsets of the people who "run" (not necessarily the politicians) the
country.  What you are left with is a Banana Republic with an economic reform!

Beware!  If you hear about positions open in the Teatro Municipal (Municipal
Theater) in Santiago, Chile....DO NOT BE FOOLED into thinking that humane
working conditions exist and it would be worth your while!

Kevin Roberts
Professor of Trombone
Universidad Católica de Chile

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