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There was a fellow in Chicago back in the 80's (I think) who built what
you are describing.  It was difficult to hold for any length of time.
So he built a 'stick' to rest it on.  I can't remember his name (my
lousy memory strikes again), but he was notorious for doing this sort of
thing.  I'm sure some Chicago lister would know who I'm talking about.
So that would be the thing to consider, weight distribution.  I'm sure
that's why the cimbasso is built the way it is.

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Does a cimbasso's valve section - for definition or political/hiring
reasons HAVE to point to the floor?

I'm building a new instrument, and realized last time I used a "bent"
cimbasso that it was a PAIN to use in a pit, particularly to put down!
Others who've used these (not just mine) agree with me.  I want to build
the next one like a well balanced valve trombone, then I can put it on a
good K&M!

Any thoughts?

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