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Bruce Faske befaske at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 30 23:39:00 CST 2005

My first thoughts when I read the word pivot were Donald Reinhardt, and then George Roberts.  
  I've seen the Reinhardt text several times in sheet music stores, but  I've yet to buy it, for fear of tearing into it and not executing the  exercizes correctly.  I've always believed that any  tone-exercizing method (Pivot System, Stamp, Caruso) are better  understood when you get to work with either the author themself, or a  first generation student, so mostly out of fear of messing up what I  have already built as a foundation, I've steered clear of them.   Remington would probably be the biggest exception to this for me, but  I've lived with that book for most of the time I've played.
  However, I DO a clearly visible pivot/shift somewhere around first  ledger line E flat or D (depending on the day, haha) which is pretty  much the only way I've decided that I can make the low register work  for me so far, and I only began to do it after reading about and later  asking my teacher at the time what Mr. Roberts was talking about.
  Am I way off base here with what I've said?  Please help me out if  I'm uninformed...I'd rather learn the truth here than on the  streets.  :)
Joshua Hauser <jhauser at tntech.edu> wrote:  I just wanted to through out a concept and see what you all have experienced
in relation to this.



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