[Trombone-l] Why no bands?

richard.bartkus at cox.net richard.bartkus at cox.net
Wed Nov 30 10:08:45 CST 2005


Some very good points.  The truth is that the face of music performance, especially popular culture, is always changing.  I can speak of my longing for the days when Disneyland had Big Band nights all summer and you could see Buddy Rich, Stan Kenton, Don Ellis, Woddy Herman & Maynard all in one summer vacation.  And general admission was $4.50 !!!!

However, when my father was playing in Chicago you could hear big bands playing in almost any movie theater in town.   I believe the saying "Cut a rug" came from that period when couples would get up in the aisles and dance. Can you imagine that happening today.... anywhere ?   Just as I believe that the sun will rise tomorrow, I know that years from now people will be lamenting about music today.  I only hope that it changes through maturity and not creative stagnation.  Are the Beastie Boys still around ? <LOL>

Just my opinion and rant,


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