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Bruce Faske befaske at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 29 21:42:16 CST 2005

A few years ago I played in the Nelson Riddle Big  Band that his son, Chris was touring with.  He travelled with a  skeleton crew, and he was one of the nicest guys I'd ever played a gig  for.  Filled with stories about his dad, and he seemed to have a  genuine love for Nelson's body of work, with a real drive to get his  music out there to another generation of listeners.  It was my  first paying gig, and I think half of the reason I got through it was  because he was so nice to everybody, especially the bones....

Bill Dinwiddie <billdin at comcast.net> wrote:  Denny said:

"I will never forget that evening as he was so very kind to an older 
gentleman who
grew-up and lived in Springfield, OH and that was Basie & Ellington alto sax
great, Earle Warren."


I have always thought that Tony is a very "down-home" cat. Who are some 

down-home people our members have played. Conversely, who are the real 

Bill Dinwiddie 

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