[Trombone-l] Why no bands?

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I'm going to puke.

David Gibson

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All it  will take is one GREAT show with live musicians to do well, and
Vegas  won't have enough musicians to fill all the needed  bands.

I wish that were true...but too many times in the past few years,  acts 
started out with a great band are reduced to nothing, because the  
majority of
the listening public could care less if there are alot of live  bodies
onstage or not.  Broadway shows start out in New York with "decent"  
orchestras (even smaller to begin with these days after the last 
there) and as soon as possible are reduced both in New York, and  
on the road.  It's all about corporate bottom line, and many  companies 
taking the Michael Eisner/Disney approach... cut, cut, cut as much  as 
until it starts to affect ticket sales.  It doesn't matter if  you end 
cutting exactly what makes your product special, because there's  
always enough
ignorant public that will buy tickets.

I played an orchestra pops show a couple of years ago with Broadway 
Linda Eder that was alot of fun to play.  Great charts... big band and  

A few months later, I saw that she was doing the same program on  
Day in Ft. Lauderdale at the Broward Center, a beautiful 2500+ seat  
hall.  Assuming it would be the same show, I got tickets, and was  
when we arrived and saw that she was looking very lonely on a  large 
stage with
three horns, rhythm, and a string synth.  And the hall was  packed.


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