[Trombone-l] No Bands

Bill Dinwiddie billdin at comcast.net
Tue Nov 29 16:26:04 CST 2005

Alex wrote:

"I played Tony Bennett's show a year or so ago here in Southern
California with a full pick up orchestra [still a lot of those great
Zito charts in the book, by the way!]. True, he usually works with the
trio alone, but he frequently performs with an orchestra like this [or
as a guest with a full time symphony orchestra] occasionally. Sure, it
would be great if he did it more, but he still does get in front of a
big group once in a while."

I sure am glad that he is still performing that way now and then. It hasn't
happened that way around Chicago in a long time, to my knowledge.
Is he still playing any of the Robert Farnon charts? They are classics!

Bill Dinwiddie
billdin at comcast.net

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