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Tue Nov 29 15:04:13 CST 2005

Our union(s) also needs to grow a spine - while it might still matter.

Whenever I hear about the Radio City or New York Musicians losing any ground, I roll my eyes at the complicitness of our union to participate in it's own demise.  Some argue the nuances of argument and negotiation, to save a limited number of positions, and thus perpetuating and accelerating the example to the next obstacle and board - "we'll give up anything to work!".  How very shortsighted.

Truly, if we dont say "no" to giving up soon, there will be nothing to bargain with.  It will be a sinch to just go to the canned music.  If we can still hold out ground while they are unprepared to switch, we have hope.

Perhaps we're too late, and we've negotiated ourselve into the position where the only reason to give us anything is to save them from bad press.  That would be sad.

Off the soap box.


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> chuck at hickeys.com writes:
> The work  action at Radio City Music Hall recently was big news around the 
> country, and  it had the effect of making those who heard the story consider 
> their own  position, even if for a nanosecond.  
> It was big news for a couple of days, and I'd say that half of the  coverage 
> was spent interviewing showgoers for the orchestra-less opening day who  all 
> said, "Fantastic!", "Flawless show!", and my favorite, "You couldn't even  tell 
> that there was no orchestra!"
> Not good media support for live music.  The musicians at Radio  City took a 
> pretty big hit in the settlement, and if the present trend continues  (cutting 
> expenses at all costs in spite of record box office grosses),  there will be 
> no band at Radio City in a few years.  
> Dan
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