[Trombone-l] Picking a horn & getting my eyes back

Chris Tune crtune at adelphia.net
Tue Nov 29 14:16:30 CST 2005

For reading. . .I contend that "doing it", is how you build the skill. 
Probably best to start subbing into any bands you can which preferably play 
lots of different arrangements.  Start on, say a third part and then do more 
groups and more groups. . .etc.

Chris Tune

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> This is my first message on the list in quite a while. I have not been
> playing as much in the past couple years but have made a commitment to
> get back into it for several reasons. As a result, I have acouple
> issues I need to address. I know I will have more questions soon.
> 1) Right now I am up to to about 30 minutes a day of fundamentals(long
> tones, flexibility exercises and scales). Have really ventured much
> beyond that. Just trying to get some type of chops back. I am currently
> playing a Bach 12. For a few years I have had a strong desire to
> upgrade to larger horn primarily because of the sound I am hearing. My
> question is can I make an accurate assesment of the horn since I am not
> 100%? I mean my chops are in a totally different place than they will
> be 6 months or a year from now.
> 2) What is the easiest way to get my eyes back. I have tried some
> reading in the past couple months and have been somewhat frustrated at
> the loss of my eyes. Is there a good way to work back into reading? I
> mena reading is not exactly like chops or is it? Do I have to go all
> the way back to the beginning?
> Edgar Bateman III
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