[Trombone-l] Why no bands?

richard.bartkus at cox.net richard.bartkus at cox.net
Tue Nov 29 10:36:20 CST 2005

I must confess to deleting before reading many of the posts on this subject, so forgive me if this has already been said.

Do not under-estimate the "Prima-Donna" quotient.  Having contracted regularly for Disney for the past 8 years, I have seen some sad incedents where temper tantrums were thrown in a very public way.  For example, most of us, as artists, can understand the frustration of a poor monitor mix or a non-existent monitor when you can't hear the pitch (keyboards/bass etc).  But, unlike 50 years ago, many of the people in charge of entertainment are business majors not music or art.  They often have no patience for a drummer/guitarist/etc. who feels that he is not being given the respect he deserves and starts yelling at the tech crew in very pejorative language (aka foul language).  

Then there's some stuff that I just don't understand.  A very good friend and outstanding keyboard player lost her gig with the Angels (baseball) and they went to "canned" music for the games.  I am not a fan of the Union because I don't think that they do much, but they should have been able to protect one very sweet and easy to work with keyboard player's gig.  Don't the players have a union that could have influenced the Angel's owner?  

Sorry, I am feeling a "rant" coming on and I need to get back to work. <sigh>

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts.


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