[Trombone-l] Why no bands?

BJMCHAFFIE at aol.com BJMCHAFFIE at aol.com
Tue Nov 29 09:40:36 CST 2005

Money drives it,  but.... how much money can the accountants count that did 
not get spent for a ticket???

People vote with their feet.  It may take a long time and the end result 
people in management will look back and can not find out where things went wrong.

Several restaurant chains have disappeared and no one knows why.  If you 
frequented them I'll bet you can over time see how bean counters have changed the 
menu and after a while they tear down the building.

As an Old bean counter I could never count the money we did not get.

Todays kids go where the money is.  They are going,  going,  going ,, 

beldon wade

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