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james meador jamesmeador at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 26 14:27:03 CST 2005

Personally though, I like being able to 'google' a phrase related to 
trombone and have the old list messages appear right on the screen so I can 
click on the link.  Saves a lot of time in researching old discussions.  
When I see spam, I just delete it (or eat it, if I have some crackers).

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Subject: Re: [Trombone-l] Spam
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It's not all SPAMbots though. Some of the stuff seems to be coming from 
trombone-centric advertisers who have manually harvested addresses. This one 
bugs me a little, since it's so easy to send a message directly to the list 
with a subject heading of "shameless self-promotion". Plus, I feel a little 

One thing that might help is to prevent Google and others from caching the 
archives. This is easily resolved and may at least add an extra 
inconvenience to those folks who do this.

David Gibson

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