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Sat Nov 26 10:53:19 CST 2005

It's not all SPAMbots though. Some of the stuff seems to be coming from 
trombone-centric advertisers who have manually harvested addresses. 
This one bugs me a little, since it's so easy to send a message 
directly to the list with a subject heading of "shameless 
self-promotion". Plus, I feel a little violated.

  One thing that might help is to prevent Google and others from caching 
the archives. This is easily resolved and may at least add an extra 
inconvenience to those folks who do this.

 David Gibson

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  The spam doesn't come through the list directly. I think what has 
happened is that one of the spam bots has harvested addresses from our 
online archive. I have a gmail address that I only used for trombone-l 
in the period immediately after I got it, and it got lots of spam for a 
relatively unknown addy.

 On Nov 26, 2005, at 12:02 AM, TRBNTERRY wrote:

  > Just wondering if the rest of you are bothered by as much Spam as I 
 > on this list.
  > Out of 75 messages currently in my mailbox, about 25 of them are 
 > I don't understand how they're getting through, since the rest of us
 > have to be registered in order to post.
 > Could it be that my WebTV is not filtering them out ?
  > Yeah, I'm now pretty unsophisticated when it comes to PC's, after > 
 > operated some of the early Univac and IBM mainframe computers for
  > several years. as well as the early Radio Shack PC's. Just give me > 
 > simple life.
 > Regards,
 > Mike Terry
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