[Trombone-l] Duo Gravis modification

John Burton John.Burton at JohnBurton.org
Sat Nov 26 07:58:34 CST 2005

While I can't talk directly to a Dou Gravis, I *CAN* talk with first
hand experience about Dan Oberloh's work.

My 50B3 fell off its stand last summer, whanking up BOTH rotors.  I sent
it to Dan to get re-aligned (or whatever it is that repairmen do to
not-so-well rotating rotors).  He called me and suggested that I get the
linkage re-done as well, since the linkage on my 1960's vintage axe was
getting a bit worn.

Long story short, Dan did an EXCELLENT job of re-linkaging (is that a
word?) my horn.  It's easier to play, and looks better too!  

Touch base with Dan at http://www.oberloh.com.  They get highest
recommendation I can give!



john burton
Bach 50B3
Bass Trombone, Charleston NeoPhonic Orchestra
South Charleston, West Virginia


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> >> Today I becamse the proud owner of a Duo Gravis......
> >>
> >> ....The valves are also excellent, functionally, but the way the 
> >> paddles controlling them  is set up is very difficult to 
> use.  I know 
> >> I"m not the first person to face this.  Anyone have any 
> pictures or 
> >> descriptions of what they've done to make the set up 
> easier to use?  
> >> I have a Greenhoe brace on the way, which I hope will help.
> >
> Earl Needham wrote:
> >> I've considered this for some years, but I've never done anything 
> >> about it.  I suppose the "quick and dirty" method would be 
> to have a 
> >> piece of square stock (maybe 1/8" square or so) soldered on the D 
> >> paddle so it would also push the F paddle at the same time.  That 
> >> would probably take a lot of the effort out of playing the horn.
> >
> >
> Earl and Stephen,
> What you really want to do is to have a trigger made to 
> activate the second valve with the middle finger, like almost 
> all horns are built these days.  This is so much easier to 
> use than any double thumb set up, there is a reason it is 
> almost universally preferred by bass trombone players today.  
> On the Dou-Gravis, just remove the second trigger and cut off 
> that half of the trigger saddle.  Then you need a fairly 
> capable repairman to build a middle finger trigger from scratch.
> Since your thumb goes behind the bell brace on the DG anyway, 
> I don't know that you'll really be able to use the Greenhoe 
> brace.  It shouldn't be needed.
> Eric Swanson
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