[Trombone-l] Spam

Adrian Drover slide.rule at adios.co.uk
Sat Nov 26 02:12:08 CST 2005


> Just wondering if the rest of you are bothered by as much Spam as I am
> on this list.
> Out of 75 messages currently in my mailbox, about 25 of them are spam.
> I don't understand how they're getting through, since the rest of us
> have to be registered in order to post.
> Yeah, I'm now pretty unsophisticated when it comes to PC's, after having
> operated some of the early Univac and IBM mainframe computers for
> several years. as well as the early Radio Shack PC's.  Just give me the
> simple life.

Join the club.  A few days ago, I received nearly 600 spams and viruses
within 24 hours.  Fortunately, a scan of my computer tells me I'm completely
clean.  If anyone receives an annoying mail with my name on it, it didn't
come from my machine.


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