[Trombone-l] Soundproofing a room

Larry White eljaywhite at shaw.ca
Fri Nov 25 23:47:46 CST 2005

I believe that some of the Brass Band in England have them stapled on 
the walls and ceilings of their tiny bandrooms as well for accoutis 
I personally have never been or seen one of their bandrooms there, but 
from what I ahve been told, they are very small some barely larger than 
some of us North American's living rooms.
They do do the well job, but can't hold back three good trombone 
players, as that is all they will allow in those bands. Any more and 
they are too powerful! (One to a part, Solo, Second and best of all Bass!)

BJMCHAFFIE at aol.com wrote:

>Adrian, you are correcy on the Egg carton thing.  A restaurant in Monticello 
>Indiana, known as the Beaver Dam, had noise problems and stapled egg cartons 
>to the ceiling and walls and the noise was cut by at least half.
>beldon wade
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