[Trombone-l] Wanted: Old-Style King Counterwieght

bonemstr at america.net bonemstr at america.net
Fri Nov 25 19:23:15 CST 2005

In case you can't find one, consider a Shires c-weight. It's possible that they 
may sell one w/o the engraving. They're just like the Kings.Ask Gabe.
Also, Chuck McAlexander at The BrassLab in NYC custom makes these c-weights as 

Bob Devine
Atlanta, GA

Quoting Daniel Cloutier <boneplanet at yahoo.com>:

> Hello all.  I'm looking for an old-style King
> counterwieght/balancer: the all-metal kind that
> unscrews by hand using a knurled ring.  Lemme know if
> you've got one you are willing to part with.  I have a
> Bach balancer I'd be willing to trade if you are
> looking for one of those.
> Thanks!
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