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Todd Jonz tjonz42 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 25 01:04:27 CST 2005

thetubameister at adelphia.net writes:

> I want to get a hold of Mack the Knife in the original scoring.
> Anyone got an idea where to get that?

I think the only way you'll be able to lay your hands on the original
arrangement is to purchase the full score to "The Threepenny Opera." 
Pocket editions are published by Schott and Universal Edition, and both
are available for $33.95 from "http://sheetmusicplus.com/". Search for
"Threepenny Opera" on their web site.

A far more expensive alternative that might be of interest to hardcore
Weill fans are the Kurt Weill Edition scores published by the Kurt
Weill Foundation.  They offer a critical edition of the "Threepenny"
score for $360 and a facsimile edition of the original score for $225.
For details, see "http://kwf.org/pages/kwe/kwe_sub.html".  Very
handsome, high quality publications, but definitely on the pricey side.

Todd Jonz
tjonz42 at yahoo.com

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