[Trombone-l] Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Walter Barrett walttrombone at optonline.net
Wed Nov 23 23:15:53 CST 2005

On Nov 24, 2005, at 12:00 AM, Denny Seifried wrote:

> Those of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving, please travel  
> safely, if going somewhere and have a great time with your family  
> and friends, who will be celebrating with you.
> Please remember all of our trombone-list friends along the Gulf  
> Coast and Florida, who are just beginning to get their lives and  
> homes back together, after a disastrous year of hurricanes and  
> tornadoes.
> May your Thanksgiving-day be restful and your plates filled with  
> great food!
> Denny Seifried
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> Adjunct Trombone-Wittenberg Univ. Dept. of Music
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> forum.trombone.org)
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Amen, Denny!

I'm staying home and cooking, just the 4 of us, no guests. I'm  
thankful for at least one holiday that people don't have a need to  
hire musicians to entertain them while THEY celebrate, so I can spend  
time with MY family!

To Denny's wishes for rest and good food, I'll add "Good Beer!" And  
to all our friends outside of the US, Happy Thursday!

Walter Barrett

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