[Trombone-l] Soundproofing a room

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Hi Peter,

Auralex has a number of good products to help in this situation.  The web
site is www.auralex.com   There is a lot of good information on acoustics.
There is a lot of good one to tape or glue to the wall.  There is even a
system that mounts on a mic stand or a light stand.  

It is good looking, colorful type of egg carton.  

Del Pakiser
Bass Trombone  

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I know this is an old subject, but has anybody tried to soundproof a wall or
a room lately?

A fellow player has asked me about this, he lives in a condo and his
neighbors are complaining....

Here's a link to a soundproofing material.


Has anybody used this?

Besides a practice mute, what else is there?

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