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I'm usually much too busy every time  a helicopter goes buy . . .I HAVE to 
go out and see if it's one of those BLACK ones . . .you know. . the ones 
used by the CIA to spy on us. . .   ;-)

I got done  playing "Saints" over several times.  Also played my version 
with Teagarden several times.  Now I'm going to go back into the Grey's 
Anatomy text and see if I can identify the EXACT place you are supposed to 
BOP the trumpeter. . . :-)


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> Forget the tin foil.
> I just read it may actually attract the radio waves from space.:)
> Eric
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> MTC:  Sometimes I've felt as if I'd LIKE to hit a trumpet player in that
> spot right behind the ear, where you can instantly kill them. . .BUT they
> are usually behind the trombone section or next to them (maybe that's why
> they set the groups up that way!). . .all I've got in the way of targets 
> are
> spindly, geeky woodwind players who don't have the truly obnoxious aspect 
> of
> a really loud trumpeter clamming and botching lick after lick after lick.
> The saxes are just kinda out of tune.
> Boy!  The Weekly World News should be inducted into the Mainstream Media
> "Hall of Fame" . . .it seems that only WWN are steadfastly revealing all
> these alien invasion plots, half-human canibal tribes, and other important
> stories that no-one else will carry (I'd doff my hat to them, but I MUST
> keep the tin-foil over my brain).
> I'm sure that their journalist staff can be proud of the fact that these
> stories are moving people's opinion. . .despite being "made-up", 
> fictional,
> pipe-dreams. Perhaps the better, more subtle staff are recruited to work 
> at
> the Washington Post, or the New York Times. . .where extra subtletly is
> required in your lying . "Position" and "ommssion" are extra-special
> obfuscation techniques used by the MSM--current example-almost entirely
> ommitting any continuing story about THREE WEEKS of rioting in France and
> western Europe. . .the SIN of ommission!.  Perhaps they can point proudly 
> to
> their excellent article below the fold in the back of section two. . .
> .while some piece which, in essence, furthers some agenda of their own, is
> above the fold on page ONE!
> I hate to point this out to reporters when I meet them, but the internet
> (Google News for example) has changed that a LOT.  And now, when
> internet-saavy news fans read a MSM paper they ask themselves--". .why the
> heck is THIS story given such a prominent place?"   Because the internet
> news fan sees news based upon the main stories as brought up by a largely
> automated process. Search engines are not known to do political 
> "filtering"
> (at least the more fully automatic ones).
> I'm going to go play "When the Saints Go Marching In. . "
> Hope we all have a great Thanksgiving.
> Chris Tune
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>>I remember getting this story from someone on this list.  I was checking
>>snopes for something else recalled it.  Here's what snopes says....
>> http://www.snopes.com/horrors/freakish/trombone.asp
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