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I have to second Gabe again about Ray Premru.  When I was at Oberlin, I was
constantly trying to reconcile Euphonium vs. Trombone and Jazz vs.
Classical.  He taught me by example that I could do it all if I wanted to.
As a trombonist/composer/jazz player/bass trumpeter, he played with everyone
and always was at his best.  He was one of my biggest inspirations and
rarely does a day go by that I do not think of him as I play.

He even gave me the opportunity to study with another of my favorite
teachers, JJ.  When JJ was in residence at Oberlin, several of us got the
chance to work with him and Ray picked me and Jason Jackson to work with him
on nearly every visit that he made to campus.  This was a chance of a
lifetime and I am eternally grateful to Ray for that as well as his faith in
me as a person and as a musician.

Per was also very influential and I still do several exercises that he
taught us.

Other teachers who have been a strong influence for me include William
Richardson (for Sound), John Stevens (for Jazz/Euphonium/Composition), Brian
Bowman (for getting me to play euph like a euphoniumist and trombone like a
trombonist), Norman Bolter (for Sound & Composition), Phil Jameson (for all
those little things that I hadn¹t quite worked out yet), & Doug Wright (for
Sound & embouchure consistency in loud playing).

I also find that I am learning constantly from my colleagues and having a
studio next to our trumpet professor, Charlie Decker, is always helping me
to strive for the ease of articulation that trumpet players seem to find so
much more comfortable than we do on low brass.

Finally, I need to include Gabe Langfur.  He and I played together for 9
years off and on as students together at Oberlin and then at New England
Conservatory and freelancing in Boston and working with him in a section and
in a brass quintet was always an inspiration to work harder and be a better
musician.  I remember in particular one conversation that we had about
consistency in approach to everything related to music and trombone playing
that has stuck with me ever since.

I owe all of them and everyone else that I have worked with a debt of
gratitude for their inspiration and every little pointer that they have
shared with me.  Hopefully I am passing on at least some of their wisdom to
my own students and helping them in the same way that I was helped.


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Who was the best teacher you ever had?  Why?
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