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MTC:  Sometimes I've felt as if I'd LIKE to hit a trumpet player in that 
spot right behind the ear, where you can instantly kill them. . .BUT they 
are usually behind the trombone section or next to them (maybe that's why 
they set the groups up that way!). . .all I've got in the way of targets are 
spindly, geeky woodwind players who don't have the truly obnoxious aspect of 
a really loud trumpeter clamming and botching lick after lick after lick. 
The saxes are just kinda out of tune.

Boy!  The Weekly World News should be inducted into the Mainstream Media 
"Hall of Fame" . . .it seems that only WWN are steadfastly revealing all 
these alien invasion plots, half-human canibal tribes, and other important 
stories that no-one else will carry (I'd doff my hat to them, but I MUST 
keep the tin-foil over my brain).

I'm sure that their journalist staff can be proud of the fact that these 
stories are moving people's opinion. . .despite being "made-up", fictional, 
pipe-dreams. Perhaps the better, more subtle staff are recruited to work at 
the Washington Post, or the New York Times. . .where extra subtletly is 
required in your lying . "Position" and "ommssion" are extra-special 
obfuscation techniques used by the MSM--current example-almost entirely 
ommitting any continuing story about THREE WEEKS of rioting in France and 
western Europe. . .the SIN of ommission!.  Perhaps they can point proudly to 
their excellent article below the fold in the back of section two. . . 
.while some piece which, in essence, furthers some agenda of their own, is 
above the fold on page ONE!

I hate to point this out to reporters when I meet them, but the internet 
(Google News for example) has changed that a LOT.  And now, when 
internet-saavy news fans read a MSM paper they ask themselves--". .why the 
heck is THIS story given such a prominent place?"   Because the internet 
news fan sees news based upon the main stories as brought up by a largely 
automated process. Search engines are not known to do political "filtering" 
(at least the more fully automatic ones).

I'm going to go play "When the Saints Go Marching In. . "

Hope we all have a great Thanksgiving.
Chris Tune

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>I remember getting this story from someone on this list.  I was checking 
>snopes for something else recalled it.  Here's what snopes says....
> http://www.snopes.com/horrors/freakish/trombone.asp
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