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Sat Nov 19 01:20:54 CST 2005

I had no one "best" teacher, my first Band Director was a great
dixieland cornet player, he made me learn tunes, by ear, another who was
an arranger and Jazz pianist did alot to teach me how to sight read, and
subdivide, Moe Synder helped put all that together for me, and build my
chops much as he has done for many others in the NY area, another
teacher I had Robert Hale, got out of playing early on, but he taught
great basic meat 'n potatoes trombone playing, I have worked with a few
others along the way who helped me out with breathing, chop problems,
repertoire and other stuff, of them all Moe and Bob were the best - both 
as people, and teachers.
Art Triggs

> On Nov 17, 2005, at 4:49 AM, Charles Levine wrote:
>> Who was the best teacher you ever had?  Why?
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