[Trombone-l] Teacher?

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I have been surprised on this thread, not by the number of teachers with 
impact on members of this list, but the numbers of teachers whose names 
HAVEN'T appeared. So here are my teachers, or at least those who had a 
significant impact on my playing:

Frank Crisafulli - as far as I'm concerned, the Daddy of 'em all;
Per Brevig - a taskmaster whose high standards were inspiring;
Jeff Reynolds - he knows his way around the horn and around the profession, 
and knows how to get the details right.

There! That's a few more for the list.

Phil Brink

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> Like everyone else, it is hard to name one.
> Dick Erb was my teacher for 4 years of undergrad, and gave me the 
> foundation of solid sound production to allow me to make the music I 
> choose on a trombone.
> I took one lesson from Ed Neumeister, and it really focused the way I 
> practice.
> Jeff
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