[Trombone-l] Lost picture - Found!

richard.bartkus at cox.net richard.bartkus at cox.net
Fri Nov 18 09:56:16 CST 2005


Maybe I am having a senior moment here, but every time I enter your link, it redirects me to 


And I don't see any intuitive means to get to the image <sigh>


> From: jazzboneli at optonline.net
> Date: 2005/11/18 Fri AM 10:25:31 EST
> To: Trombone-l at server5.samford.edu
> Subject: RE: [Trombone-l] Lost picture - Found!
> You are most welcome Adrian!
> For those of you who want to see the image, I uploaded it to an image sharing site. 
> Please use the URL below to access it and copy it from there:
> http://tinyurl.com/76ftw
> Mike Caton
> Alternate E-mail: mikec94 at optonline.net

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