[Trombone-l] Teacher?

Walter Barrett walttrombone at optonline.net
Thu Nov 17 12:38:09 CST 2005

On Nov 17, 2005, at 4:49 AM, Charles Levine wrote:

> Who was the best teacher you ever had?  Why?

I think all of my teachers were the best for me AT THAT particular  
time when I studied with them.

Herb Weksellblatt and Toby Hanks gave me the basics I needed as an up- 
til-then self-taught tuba player. Wayne Andre was my 1st trombone  
teacher, I had been playing for 6 years self-taught when I hooked up  
with him. I still use his approach to legato and vibrato to this day.  
Hal Janks showed me how to listen critically to myself, while having  
fun at the same time. Rusty Dedrick turned me into a big band lead  
player. Moe Snyder taught me how to play anything he put in front of  
me without limitations, bassoon etudes, Histoire, Music Minus One,  
etc. Ed Michaelson was a sax player and my band director in HS. He  
kept me from getting kicked out of school, and started me out/ 
inspired me to get into this crazy profession.

Walter Barrett

" The good Doctor said she was nervous, and, to relieve her, proposed  
a round game at cards; of which he knew as much as of the art of  
playing the trombone."
-Charles Dickens "David Copperfield"

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