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While I'd have trouble figuring out which was the best of several that I 
REALLY, REALLY thought were excellent, including trombone teacher Harold 
Diner and a Geometry teacher in Jr. High, a French teacher in Jr. High, a 
Choir director (and class piano, music theory) in High School, and 
Intermediate Accounting/Cost Accounting prof in University, I do have a 
relevant observation about teaching:

The SINGLE most important element is how the teacher FEELS about the 
subject.  Those who have an abiding love and JOY about their subject are 
better prepared to get the subject across thoroughly and effectively to 
students.  That is why Diner did so well as an instructor. . .he really 
loved trombone. . .not in the sense that many of us do. .but as a JOB.  He 
liked going to work. . he liked the sound. .he liked being prepared by 
knowing about trombone.   He didn't "hang". . .he just was a man with his 
beloved ART/CRAFT.  He liked being "at bat" . . .trombone in hand (sorry 
about the mixed metaphor).

[of course next is sheer KNOWLEDGE. . .someone who loves orchestral music, 
but who has never really formally studied the subject, probably won't be 
able to lead an advanced symposium into the most subtle aspects of 
orchestral music. .but might be a KILLER music appreciation teacher for 
first year college students.]

Same thing with the choir director, the math teacher, the accounting 
professor and the French teacher.  They obviously LOVED the subject matter. 
I could tell easily and I am fairly sure that everybody in class thought it 
was obvious too!  I think the human is keenly attuned to very subtle 
emotional state cues in the demeanor of another person.  This is essential 
to our survival as a human, considering that we are dependant upon other 

Sitting in these classes and taking notes and doing the exams and all, was 
really a pleasure overall, because I was "infected" with the joy that the 
instructor brought to the subject . . .this grew more and more as more 
sessions went down.

Chris Tune

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Who was the best teacher you ever had?  Why?
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