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Gabriel Langfur glangfur at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 17 08:52:56 CST 2005

Hi Phil,

According to David Schwartz' edition with the accompaniment
CD, Rochut #21 corresponds to Bordogni #17. This is in
Volume 1 of David's books.


--- Phil Brink <basstrb3 at comcast.net> wrote:

> Got a question for someone who knows this sort of
> thing...
> I have a student who has taken a real shine to Rochut
> Etude #21 in F major. 
> I told him I would look up and try to locate a MIDI file
> or the sheet music 
> to the piano accompaniment for it, but so far I have had
> no luck. Does 
> anyone have any idea of which Bordogni study this one
> corresponds to? If I 
> get the MIDI file I can rebuild the etude in Finale, but
> in the meantime I 
> am stuck!
> Thanks in advance,
> Phil Brink 
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