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Ellington signed up Ellington?


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> > Apparently Sinatra was a
> > very big fan of Franks, and accoding to my friend, the big fan, on one
> > particular recording that was made, Sinatra sent his private jet to
Vegas to
> > pick up Rosolino and fly him to the recording session, and did not start
> > session until Rosolino was there.
> That story is from a Capitol record called "Come Swing With Me,"
> recorded in March 1961 with charts by Billy May and Heine Beau.  Why
> would Capitol put up with prima donna behavior like this from Sinatra?
>  Not only because he was a superstar, but also because he'd just
> started Reprise Records the year before, and Capitol was anxious to
> keep him away from that label as much as possible.
> http://www.bsnpubs.com/warner/reprise/reprisestory.html
> Reprise Records trivia: the first guy that Sinatra hired for "artists
> and repertoire" after starting the label was: Duke Ellington.  The
> first artist that Ellington signed to Reprise Records: Duke Ellington.
> George
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