[Trombone-l] FS Conn 72H and thank you

Stephen Jones stjones at umbc.edu
Tue Nov 15 14:59:40 CST 2005

First, my thanks to the many people who helped me in my experiment with
playing the bass trombone.  I've learned from it and am glad I did it.

However, I've decided that the bass trombone is not my piece of cake.  So
I'd like to sell the horn I bought, an Elkhart Conn 72H, serial number
H94xxx, which places its manufacture between 1966 and 1967.  Single rotor, 9
1/2" brass bell.  I believe the horn plays well.  All of the parts work
well, especially the slide which has no plating wear on the inners and is
almost as good as the slide on my Shires tenor.  Tuning slides pull easily.
The valve is quiet and I think open.  There are mute dings and minor dents;
the only one of consequence is on the slide bow where there is about a 1/2
inch dent on the inside of the bow.  I don't think it makes any difference
in playing.  There do not appear to be any repairs.  The lacquer is mostly
present, roughly 80%.  It has the original case which is in very good
condition cosmetically inside and out; the latches all work and the key is
present.  The people who played this horn over the years took good care of
it.  Comes with a Steve Ferguson L mouthpiece, which Phil Teele had
something to do with (see Steve's website).

$750 plus shipping.  Continental US only; cashiers check or USPS money
order; no paypal.

Stephen Jones

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